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Terms & Conditions 

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This vehicle is property of J&I Services. The main driver agrees with the terms and conditions below

  • The minimum rental period for any vehicle is 3 days.
  • Before the key of the vehicle is handed to the client, a Deposit of $300 – $500 will be charged. Deposits by card authorization are valid for a maximum of 20 days
  • Deposit does NOT Imply that incase of serious damages to the vehicle. The deposit is only a guarantee for a small damage on the vehicle, Damage to a tire, NOT properly tanked vehicle, broken light, scratches, broken mirror, damaged or broken key.
  • All rental cost shall be covered in advance. We accept cash or card.
  • For extension of the rent period, lease shall make the request at least 24 hours in advance and pay on the same day.
  • The vehicle must be return on the agreed date and time. For 1 hour late $10 and after 3 hours one (1) day rate will be charged.
  • After two (2) day of the contractual due date, the renter does not contact J&I services, the vehicle will be considered as joyride and the police will be immediately involved.
  • A representative of J&I services have checked the vehicle for any possible damage or default. These have been marked on the front of this agreement.
  • Driver agrees to have received the rental vehicle in good condition
  • Upon returning the vehicle Driver shall bring it back without any damage.
  • The fuel needs to be returned on the same level. Otherwise additional fee will be charged. Starting from $25 for each 1/4 tank, depend the vehicle.
  • In case of misuse and/or none-acceptable handling of the vehicle, J&I Services will use its rights to take the vehicle back without prior warning.
  • Unless registered on the front of this agreement, No other person other than Driver shell drive rental vehicle. Otherwise the vehicle will immediately be taken and a sum of $100 will be charged.
  • Driver(s) will carry a valid driver license at all time.
  • Driver will NOT park the vehicle on sideways. The vehicle will always be parked in a responsible and safe way at all times.
  • Driver will always make sure to lock the vehicle and close all window.
  • Driver will always keep the car keys with him/her. Do not leave the car key in the vehicle.
  • If the car keys are locked inside the vehicle, please call J&I Services immediately. You will be charge $30 to open the vehicle.
  • If the car keys are lost or damage, Driver will be charged $300 for a new key.
  • Smoking in the vehicle is not allowed. There is a fine of $250 that will apply if you smoke in the car.
  • Drinking and driving is not allowed.
  • Do not drive fast! Max Speed limit is 100km/hrs.
  • Do not drive in deep water / big water splash.
  • Do not leave nothing value in the vehicle.
  • Do not park in narrow space.
  • No pets or dogs allowed.
  • Driver is responsible for the vehicle in a clean state both inside and outside. If return dirty, the renter will be charged and additional fee of $20-$35 cleaning fee.
  • Driver is fully responsible for theft and or damages to the vehicle.
  • All damages, defaults and or additional cost emerging thereof will be charged directly to the driver.
  • In case of flat tire, Driver is responsible to take care of this at own costs. Please keep receipts thereof in the vehicle and make sure to inform J&I Services.
  • In case of damage or issues with the engine or air conditioning, or any other emergency and or issues with the vehicle please call J&I Services.
  • In case of accident, please call CRS at 9233, J&I services and the polis at 911 if it’s an emergency without any delay. (renter is fully responsible if renter cannot provide a CRS report (9233) of the damage)
  • In case of accident, the deposit will be blocked awaiting the insurance’s report and decision.
  • In case of a car accident where Driver is at fault, Driver will be responsible for ALL damages and costs involved.


In case of emergency please call 911 and  J&I  services +5999 661-7007 



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